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Advertising in the time of Covid - if the juice you’re drinking is not building immunity, does it even deserve to exist?

If the packaged noodles you’re consuming is not making you invincible, it is expected to walk towards the sunset with its head hung in shame...

FICCI & OYO co-create Online Certification Course for the Hospitality Industry in the post COVID world

FICCI & OYO sign an MOU to develop and design an online certification course on the best practices a hotel should follow in light of COVID-19 .

Biotech startup MicroGO’s hand-hygiene solutions making waves across Indian Airports during COVID-19

The Chennai based startup’s IoT based hand hygiene innovation is ensuring the safety of thousands of personnel and staff across Indian airports and public places .

Unicommerce COVID Analysis: E-commerce recovers over 90% of its pre-lockdown volume

Companies with their own websites and direct online sales channels have recovered 25% more as compared to other brands.
Guest Article

What classified ads tell us about change in small-town India

The author analyses the changing pattern of ads in Dehradun post-pandemic and what that says about new consumer needs - and the decline of old ones.
Distribution Diaries

Is this the ‘marketing moment’ Maggi’s rivals have been waiting for?

In conversation with author and brand consultant MG Parameswaran around the possibility of the brand's comeback, scope for 'others', marketing communication angle and more.

Bhupal Ramnathkar, Tista Sen in a video series by IAA India Chapter

The three-part series 'COVID Communicators' is aimed at bringing together stories of positivity