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2022 in ads: Witty, woke, and whimsical

What was your favourite ad campaign of 2022? Is it among these 10 ads?

Dove partners with Bobble AI under #StopTheBeautyTest 2.0

The partnership is a part of Dove’s ongoing initiative - #StopTheBeautyTest and this will be live pan-India across all handsets which carry the Bobble app.

Real Girls, Real Stories: Dove’s latest campaign questions society on the beauty report card given to young girls

The brand urges society to place emphasis on in-classroom education instead of seeing young girls from the eyes of a prospective groom.

Dove’s ‘Stop The Beauty Test’ campaign scores applause, and criticism at the same time

Many were unhappy with the campaign considering parent company HUL's Glow & Lovely ads, and the lack of fresh imagery to counteract regressive practices.

The Beauty Report Card #StopTheBeautyTest


Dove releases next leg of 'Stop the beauty test' campaign

3 out of 4 Indian women are rejected for their looks during the arranged marriage process, says Dove's new campaign.

Dove deepfakes moms to tackle toxic beauty advice from influencers

What’s more influential than a mom advocating toxic beauty practices to her daughter?

Dove wants to cleanse the ill-effects of selfie culture

The Dove Self-Esteem Project wants to reverse the negative effects of social media.

Dove hacks casting calls, urges brands to cast women of diverse backgrounds, shapes and sizes…

… And adds that it will cover the appearance cost of these women if they are cast in any ads.

Unilever to remove word ‘normal’ from packaging and advertising

Unilever's Positive Beauty strategy sets out commitments and actions for the beauty and personal care brands like Dove, Lifebuoy, Axe and Sunsilk.