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HUL talks identity, overcoming obstacles and being blind to skin tone in new Glow & Lovely campaign

It is not an ad, but a rap video made in collaboration with hip hop and rap star Deepa Unnikrishnan, a.k.a. Dee MC.

Fair&Lovely’s cameo appearance in a Netflix movie

The fairness cream played the role of a solution to the problem of having dark skin. It was being secretly applied by a male UP cop in the movie Raat Akeli Hai.
Points of View

Should HUL give Glow & Lovely a new formulation?

Or is a name change statement enough? Experts weigh in on the debate of the moment.

Debate around fairness creams: room for grey areas

Loss of revenue for the company and its negative impact on jobs, the incomes of those in the distribution chain are factors to be considered seriously.
Guest Article

"Privilege of being fair created fairness cream market, not the cream"

An analysis of HUL's move to drop 'Fair' from Fair & Lovely - this time, from the lens of society and culture.

What can the fairness segment learn from HUL's move towards skin colour equality?

HUL recently announced that it will stop using the word ‘Fair’ in the name Fair & Lovely in attempt to make the brand 'more inclusive'.
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Dropping ‘the’ word – Fair or Unfair?: An analysis of HUL's move

Just changing the name barely cuts it, feels our guest writer. The company ought to stop production, apologise, he opines.

The Glitch to handle Fair & Lovely’s digital duties

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Pops on dear friend Balki's yellow writing pad...


HUL's Kanika Kalra quits