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Alexa, Apple and Google to help users combat the Coronavirus pandemic

The three tech giants - Amazon’s Alexa, Google and Apple - put their heads together in a bid to help the world fight COVID-19, and curb its spread

Google lists food, night shelters in COVID-19 affected cities

When the nationwide lockdown was announced, there was an exodus of migrant labourers, trying to get back home. This is how Google decided to help
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Famous Innovations asks Google to add new feature to Google Maps

The Mumbai-based creative agency has asked Google to add the feature that will show crowds as red dots when the map is in walking mode

Google Maps changes logo, tweaks UI to celebrate 15 years

Google Maps has also announced a host of new features
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Connected Cars may be today's VCR players

Our guest author makes a case.
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Learning from data-driven creative for Google Maps


Google Maps goes local with five-minute story


When Google Earth helped Saroo Brierley find home


Google Maps adds navigation and live traffic updates in India


Google to provide local bus service information in Chennai and Hyderabad