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The challenges and triumphs of celebrity ad shoots: Insights from Photographer Rahul Jhangiani

Jhangiani, who has worked with over 200 brands in 2023, talks about the behind-the-scenes life of brand shoots, challenges, and more.

Lux tells media to ‘Change the Angle’ towards female athletes

The campaign highlights how the coverage of female sports, or athletes, still misses the mark.

Rakul Preet Singh is the new brand ambassador of Lux

The actor is seen promoting the brand's new 'Essence of Himalayas' range.

LUX Shut Up Sexism


Sebamed to continue airing ads featuring Lux, Pears and Dove with tweaks

The ad featuring Dove will continue with no change, and the ones with Lux, Pears and Santoor will continue after removing the segment relating to detergent bar.
Editor's Note

Secret superstars of Sebamed’s ads: the NABL, the pH scale, litmus paper

As Sebamed and HUL have it out in court, over the former’s recent ads, we deconstruct the jargon this battle is hinged on.
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By rubbing HUL the wrong way, has Sebamed been smart or stupid?

In just a few days, Sebamed, thanks to its ads, got written about by countless news outlets. That's great PR. But is it worth the legal backlash?

What made OTC skincare brand Sebamed attack HUL's star soaps Lux, Dove and Pears?

In conversation with Konark Gaur, Sebamed India’s marketing head, we break it down one piece at a time. The ad war of soap pH levels has turned into a legal battle.

Saifeena stars in a new LUX ad; has copywriting taken a backseat in celeb led ads?

Is a celeb's presence in an ad enough for a brand to sell its products?

OPPO's ad featuring visually challenged person strikes a chord

The recent spot is a collaboration video with visually challenged photographer Bhavesh Patel. We also take a look at ads that have taken the same tack in recent times ..