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Despite slap from AYUSH Ministry over Coronil ads, Patanjali gained mileage, rue experts

As Santosh Desai points out, the ministry’s ban on Coronil ads doesn’t matter now because Baba Ramdev has already got loads of free publicity.

Patanjali claims to have found first-ever Ayurvedic cure for COVID-19; launches Coronil

The medicine has a 100% recovery rate within 3-7 days and 0% death rate.
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Will nationalist sentiment increase demand for local brands?

PM Narendra Modi's speech earlier this week gave the 'Swadeshi' sentiment a boost. Will this impact brand choice?
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After Dettol, Baba Ramdev takes a shot at HUL's Lakme...

Baba Ramdev's latest tweet compares Lakme's product vs. a similar one by his own company, emphasising on the price disparity between the two...
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Dettol accuses Baba Ramdev of misleading consumers?

The hand sanitiser giant responds to Baba Ramdev's tweets with the present pricing figures and asks to refrain from spreading fake news.
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Baba Ramdev takes dig at Dettol on Twitter; Dettol responds...

The comparison was between the price of sanitiser from Dettol India and from his own company, Patanjali Paridhan.
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What can the M&E sector expect from the budget?

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The Tata focus on FMCG - who will it impact the most?


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