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“Brand strategy is what you want to be known for and aspire to be”: Erich Joachimsthaler

The spice mix for a strong brand architecture.

Blockchain in marketing: Workshop by Jaspreet Bindra

Bindra takes the audience through the history and future of Blockchain.

Innovation on digital or digital for innovation?

Learnings from hands-on experience.

Turning pollution into art: Shreya Kapoor’s inspirational story

Shreya Kapoor spoke on behalf of Chakr Innovations in Star FLOW Fest 2020

Behavioral science in marketing: Richard Shotton’s Workshop

Richard Shotton is an author and behavioural science expert.

“It helps to know where you are and where you’d like to be”: Charles Leadbeater

He speaks on innovation amidst uncertainty.

The importance of giving back: Anoop Khanna, Dadi ki Rasoi

Anoop shared his experiences in the field of philanthropy and social causes.

A business idea to break a Taboo: Inspirational Story by Alakshi Tomar

Alakshi touched many topics regarding menstrual hygiene and sustainable hygiene

Persuasion in marketing: Workshop by Patrick Renvoise at Star FLOW fest

Patrick’s workshop illustrated how human behaviour can be leveraged in marketing.

Paradigm shift in Rural Market: Benjamin Mathew's Star FLOW workshop

Mathew shed light on macroeconomic analysis of the rural Indian market.