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How can startup brands balance performance marketing with brand building?

Industry heads weigh in on the importance that performance marketing and brand-building initiatives hold in the marketing journey of a startup.

Discount dilemma: Navigating the power and perils of discounting for startup brands

As these brands seek to establish themselves they constantly grapple with the question of customer acquisition vs profit margins. Industry experts weigh in.

Startup Brands Summit 2023 is here!

The second edition of Startup Brands Summit by afaqs! will be held at The Leela, Mumbai, 9:30 AM onwards.

“What the hell are you doing?” puzzled friends asked Kunal Kapoor when he was co-founding Ketto

Ten years later, the question has been satisfactorily answered. The crowd-funding platform has raised Rs 1,100+ crore from donors. What does that say about Indian attitudes?

Wakefit: How to race to Rs 1,000 crore in sales without losing money

Wakefit makes mattresses, pillows and furniture. How exciting can that be, you wonder. Prepare to be surprised.

Grooming their way to growth

Read on to learn more about the grooming and wellness category, its growth path and the challenges ahead.

What next for F&B startups?

At the first edition of afaqs! Startup Brands Summit, the panellists discussed how they negotiate various challenges as they compete with the established players in the industry.

Acquiring and retaining the restless modern customer

At the first edition of afaqs! Startup Brands Summit, marketers discuss the two most challenging facets of customer acquisition in modern times.

Brand heads take control of startups: how has the game changed?

At the first edition of afaqs! Startup Brands Summit, marketers discuss the changes that take place, when they move from a global brand to a startup.

Not everything about brand building involves sales: SUGAR Cosmetics’ Kaushik Mukherjee

In an interview at Startup Brands Summit, the founder and COO of SUGAR Cosmetics says that they want to become India’s largest colour cosmetics brand in the next three years.