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Hrithik Roshan stars in latest Zomato delivery boy-led spot

The latest in a series of communication, featuring Zomato's delivery personnel, stars Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan.

Meet Sahiba Bali - Zomato’s brand marketer-turned-content creator

She has starred in ads, YouTube videos and is responsible for the brand’s visibility. A chat with the employee-turned-ambassador of Zomato.

Zomato invites you to Bhature and Chole's wedding...

The emailer campaign invites customers to witness the marriage of chole and bhature at their dining table...

Zomato 'leaks' "confidential" marketing WhatsApp chat in mailer campaign

The mailer is a satirical take on conversations between the marketing team and the rest of the company.

Zomato sends out 'Mirzapur' themed mailer to get users binging

The mailers invited users to 'binge on' episodes from the second season of Mirzapur 2 along with their food order.

Cornitos supports ‘Feed the Migrant Workers in Transit’ campaign

An initiative by India Food Forum in association with Zomato Feeding India.

Brands emphasise the importance of staying apart during the crisis

Through logo tweaks, billboards, innovative design, and social media posts, brands are telling people to follow social distancing.