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Average Ad-Fraud rate to go up to 45-55% against the present 25-35%

Ad-Fraud likely to increase in Digitally Mature as well as new entrant organisations in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic.
Guest Article

Ad fraud: The one disease that digital marketers need to avoid

Our guest author writes about ad fraud, what exactly it is, the types of ad fraud and how marketers can prevent it.

Google's initiative against bad ads in the times of coronavirus

In a blog posted by Scott Spencer, vice president of product management, ads privacy and safety - Google talks about the initiatives against ad fraud.
Points of View

Are interactive ads a viable antidote to ad fraud?

Bots replicate human behaviour, interactions make them unique and dilute trends.

India leads mobile ad fraud across Asia: MMA’s Report on Ad Fraud

The report revealed facts about the level of fraud, and its awareness in the country

The future of mobile marketing, according to industry experts...

A forum organised by the MMA attempts to decode the nuances of mobile marketing in an attention-deficit digital era

IRCTC's Twitter clapback can be a lesson to brands on programmatic media buying


"Ad fraud is not just about bad traffic, it's also about organic traffic": Dhiraj Gupta, CTO & founder, mFilterIt


Can multi-touch data points, data access help reduce ad fraud?


Worrying levels of digital ad fraud demand solutions