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An overview of martech space from the lens of Integral Ad Science

As brands up their martech spends for better ROI, IAS’s VP of customer success explains the intricacies of optimal media measurement.

Why IPL creates a great opportunity for ad fraudsters

As brands escalate their ad spends during the cricketing carnival of IPL, afaqs! inspects the risks of ad fraud that come along with it.

Ad fraud: here’s how digital marketers are dealing with the billion dollar monster

TrafficGuard’s Himanshu Nagrecha sheds light on the onslaught of ad fraud and the emerging tech to neutralise it.

Bad bots: a rising threat to the digital presence of brands

It is 2023, but the digital marketing sector is still plagued by ad fraud - what can marketers do to safeguard their interests?

Ad fraud: the eternal challenge grows in size

Tech giant Google tripled the number of ad suspensions between 2020 and 2021 due to spike in ad fraud cases.
Guest Article

Ad-tech and the missing stamp of 24 carat assurance

The dust has settled on the gold rush of the programmatic ad-tech boom. Big tech has emerged victorious. What now? Our guest author ponders.

Average Ad-Fraud rate to go up to 45-55% against the present 25-35%

Ad-Fraud likely to increase in Digitally Mature as well as new entrant organisations in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic.
Guest Article

Ad fraud: The one disease that digital marketers need to avoid

Our guest author writes about ad fraud, what exactly it is, the types of ad fraud and how marketers can prevent it.

Google's initiative against bad ads in the times of coronavirus

In a blog posted by Scott Spencer, vice president of product management, ads privacy and safety - Google talks about the initiatives against ad fraud.
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Are interactive ads a viable antidote to ad fraud?

Bots replicate human behaviour, interactions make them unique and dilute trends.