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Burger King's revamped visual identity to debut in India

The fast food company will be rolling out a new logo, packaging, crew uniforms, restaurant signage and décor, social media and digital and marketing assets this month.

Pepsi introduces its zero calories ‘Black’ variant cola in a fountain cup for Burger King Restaurants…

… The variant made its India debut in 2017 to take on Coke Zero.

"We expect a lot of out-of-home consumption this year": Burger King's Srinivas Adapa

The CMO talks about the 'It's not a burger. It's a Whopper' ads, rise of drive-thrus, menu tweaks, and risky logos.

Burger King illustrates the difference between a burger and a Whopper

What’s in a name matters, at least here.

Rahul Bose goes 'bananas' at the price of Burger King's Rice Bowls

The fast-food chain uses the actor's 'banana' incident to reintroduce its Rice Bowls.
Social Media

Lay's India goes on a gratitude spree

It thanks several brands on social media for their efforts during the lockdown.

Burger King wants you to dance on TikTok and earn a $1 Whopper

You'll have to dance to the 'Whopper dance' soundtrack to be eligible for the $1 Whopper.

"Good brands adapt in ways that they're still meaningful to customers": Srinivas Adapa, Burger King India

The CMO of Burger King India says the brand has doubled its activity online, and will soon launch an omnichannel app that works both offline and online.

Brands emphasise the importance of staying apart during the crisis

Through logo tweaks, billboards, innovative design, and social media posts, brands are telling people to follow social distancing.

Brands vie for a share of the pie in latest social media trend

Brands reveal what they do best through humorous pie charts.