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Brands emphasise the importance of staying apart during the crisis

Through logo tweaks, billboards, innovative design, and social media posts, brands are telling people to follow social distancing.

Brands vie for a share of the pie in latest social media trend

Brands reveal what they do best through humorous pie charts.

Brands make the most of President Trump's two-day India visit...

They 'wulcomed' POTUS in the best way possible.

Burger King’s ‘re-moulded’ new ad stars a month-old Whopper…

This may be the fast food chain’s grossest ad ever.

Burger King's love affair with the clown continues

Post a selfie with him tagging Burger King India and get a free Whopper.
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Jubilant FoodWorks appoints Kapil Grover as CMO of Domino’s Pizza

People Spotting

Alok Raj is head, Marketing and Communication for Burger King India