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'100% pure, no sugar adulteration,' says Dabur in 3-minute film about the way honey is sourced

The film shows honey collectors on a honey trail in the Sunderban; highlights the 'beehive to breakfast table' journey of honey.

What next for hygiene and immunity brands?

2020 gave us the 99.9% germ kill promise and chyawanprash flavoured ice cream. Will the frenzied demand for immunity and hygiene products wane in 2021?
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Will the honey purity scandal throw suspicion on other packaged foods?

After honey's bitter reckoning with purity, will other F&B segments come under the scanner? If yes, which?

CSE responds to Dabur and Patanjali’s statements

Both brands had responded to CSE's investigation where they failed the NMR test (it checks for honey's purity) conducted at a German laboratory.

A stinging affair: Dabur and Marico’s Saffola Honey knock on ASCI’s doors…

… Claiming the rival brand misleads on passing the NMR test that’s become a standard for honey's ‘purity’.

Pure hai na? Major honey brands like Dabur, Patanjali, and Emami fail adulteration test

They failed the NMR test conducted by a German laboratory to check for purity while Saffola Honey and two others passed it said the CSE.

Dabur Honey extols purity and quality, takes indirect dig at Saffola Honey in new ad

Dabur had taken Saffola Honey to court on allegations of imitation of bottle, trade-dress, label and packaging of Dabur honey.

Saffola extols its honey's purity in new ad

It's perhaps the first time, we see a scientist in a lab coat examine honey's purity under a microscope in an ad.

Dabur takes Marico's Saffola to court over similarities in product packaging

The two products are uncannily similar, but what can brand owners and designers learn from this debacle?

Kolkata's 'cha' now gets the immunity of Dabur Honey

This immunity-boosting honey tea will be served at 15 Kolkata tea stalls and Dabur will provide its workers 'Suraksha Kits' for their safety.