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DaMENSCH takes a stand for mental health with #SupportDaMEN campaign in collaboration with BetterLyf

The partnership would facilitate virtual therapy for men seeking assistance and expert guidance with respect to their mental health concerns.

DaMENSCH's new #SoSoft Campaign encourages men to embrace vulnerability and emotions

The 30-day campaign by the D2C essential menswear brand DaMENSCH encourages men to own their ‘soft’ side in a series of videos.

DaMENSCH urges men to grow up in its ‘#MadeForAdults’ campaign

Through the digital film, DaMENSCH is asking men to grow out of the cartoony, less-than-functional innerwear and choose effortless comfort and quality instead.

Community building: the why and how to

Community is a strong brand asset. Several brands are already experimenting with this concept that can increase loyalty, lower marketing costs and become a revenue-generating channel.

Damensch launches a campaign specifically for PVR multiplexes

The campaign will be seen before and after Avatar: The Way of Water movie on the PVR multiplexes.

DaMENSCH unveils #TheMostComfortableMan campaign

The brand spotlighted Shantanu Gosavi, a vitiligo model; Suresh Ramdas, Mr. Gay India 2019; Thasveer Muhammed, a handicapped travel influencer.

DaMENSCH offers a refreshing take on innerwear advertising

Deepti Karthik, SVP, marketing, believes that the world of innerwear advertising is plagued by regressive ideologies.

Nolan Level Inception: New Innerwear Therapy campaign by DaMENSCH is as meta as it gets

The campaign is conceptualized & written by creative agency Talented and produced in partnership with Dot Dot Boom films.

DaMENSCH forays into Offline Market

To streamline its new offline model, the company appoints Ashmeer M. Sayyed as Chief Retail Officer.
Guest Article

Deep tech in fashion marketing: how brands are changing consumer experience

With fashion and technology interlocking in an unstoppable manner, purely digital closets don't seem like a far-off reality, says our guest author.