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SKORE pushes its new thin range condoms; takes on Durex that launched a similar one last year

The new campaign aims to address usage barriers and bring down hesitancy.

Let’s talk about the birds and bees says Durex

The campaign aims to promote the core principles of inclusion, awareness, consent, awareness and protection.
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Why did Durex ask users to 'forget condoms'?

An influencer-led campaign used the hashtag #ForgetCondoms to create interest around the launch of its new product and TVC.
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Durex's social campaign puns on 'protection' in times of lockdown

The creative was published by Durex Zambia and highlights the different types of protection needed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Durex lambasts 'normal', calls for better and safer sex

The condom maker calls out arms, legs, bums, and private parts for the world has never been so ready for change
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Tinder and Netflix get the ball rolling in a Twitter exchange...

...for the upcoming Valentine's Day

Durex adds fruity punch with flavoured condoms

The new campaign aims to make sex less boring…

'90s KamaSutra face Pooja Bedi turns influencer for Durex


"Want to delight 'Millennial Moms'": Pankaj Duhan, RB, on Dettol soaps

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Akshat Bhardwaj joins RepIndia as creative director