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Facebook “refriends” Australia, reverses its week-old news ban

In response to a proposed media bargaining law, FB had banned Australians from sharing and viewing news links on its site and app last week.

Facebook "unfriends" Australian news, Google refuses to "follow"; Experts say 'Big Tech' must support journalism

Jayant Mammen Mathew of Malayala Manorama, India Express' Sanjay Sindhwani and Porush Jain of Sportskeeda shared their views on the recent developments in Australia.

Oz wants tech companies to pay for news; Google relents, Facebook does not

FB has restricted Aussies from sharing and viewing news links while Google has signed a deal with Oz’s biggest media company News Corp.

From Facebook's tearjerker to Akshay Kumar's covid message to CRED's IPL hit, a round-up of the best ads of 2020...

... Methodology: a bunch of reporters who work at afaqs!, wrote about some of their favs! Enjoy our year-end special.

Facebook ad shows resilience of The Moms Co., Sleepy Owl Coffee and Doodlage during COVID

The social networking giant has partnered with small and large businesses to drive economic transformation, which was discussed during its ‘Fuel for India 2020’ event.

Facebook and SPNI partner to bring exclusive video-on-demand content to fans from India Tour of Australia

Fans will now be able to access match highlights, in-play moments with best catches, best wickets, and man of the match on Facebook for the duration of the series.

Facebook to compensate advertisers for code error

It led to the tech giant’s conversion lift tool miscalculate the effectiveness of many brand campaigns.

Facebook's Diwali video is about a small, local business owner in Amritsar

The seven-minute-long film is the story of Pooja Didi, a milk centre owner, who employees those who have lost their jobs due to the COVID pandemic.

Facebook launches #DiwaliAtHomeChallenge

Adds new features including personalised greetings with Diwali-ready Avatars.

Dukaan, dhanda, khareedna... why are there so many commerce-like words in Facebook’s ‘More Together’ ads?

Facebook is a mammoth in terms of online communities, but like Google, it is yet to crack the commerce side of the internet.