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Facebook's ad revenue affected by the Coronavirus outbreak

Facebook published a blog post on keeping services stable and reliable during the global Coronavirus pandemic - along with a footnote on ad revenue.

WhatsApp embraces the dark side

The messaging app has introduced a dark mode for iOS, Android devices.

Facebook's new ad takes Holi to Romania

It is part of the social media company's 'More Together' campaign

More Together, this Holi with facebook

Would you get on Facebook and reach out to the world?
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Brands look through Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, LinkedIn lens...

...for the Dolly Parton Challenge.
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'Off-Facebook Activity' tool: boon or bane for marketers?

Facebook has announced a new feature, enabling users to manage targeted ads.
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What is the efficacy of WhatsApp as a medium for ads and marketing?

We sought expert industry opinion on the issue.
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Are marketers equipped to target privacy-conscious consumers?

We spoke to industry experts to get their points of view.

Gaana introduces ‘Stories’ - short-format video content

With this feature, Gaana intends to offer its users a flavour of newly launched, upcoming or trending/popular songs.
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Facebook unveils The Playbook for Building Brands in 2020 and beyond

The Playbook was released at the inaugural ‘Building Brands Summit’ by Facebook.