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YouTubers outside US may start paying additional taxes, starting June 2021…

As per Google’s new policy, it will now start deducting taxes when the YouTubers earn their income from the viewers in the United States.

Facebook “refriends” Australia, reverses its week-old news ban

In response to a proposed media bargaining law, FB had banned Australians from sharing and viewing news links on its site and app last week.

Facebook "unfriends" Australian news, Google refuses to "follow"; Experts say 'Big Tech' must support journalism

Jayant Mammen Mathew of Malayala Manorama, India Express' Sanjay Sindhwani and Porush Jain of Sportskeeda shared their views on the recent developments in Australia.

Oz wants tech companies to pay for news; Google relents, Facebook does not

FB has restricted Aussies from sharing and viewing news links while Google has signed a deal with Oz’s biggest media company News Corp.

Kantar strengthens YouTube ad campaign measurement with Google’s Ads Data Hub

Marketers, with immediate effect, can independently measure ad campaign performance on YouTube.

Google threatens to withdraw search engine in Australia in response to law

In an open letter, Google tries to decode why the law would undermine the benefits of the internet for millions of Australians.

Google has acquired Fitbit

Says the deal is about devices and not data, will protect Fitbit users’ privacy.

Google remakes the song 'Photograph' to highlight features of 'Photos'

The search engine giant's new ad is a parody version of Canadian rock band Nickelback's 2005 song 'Photograph'. It features the band's lead singer Chad Kroeger.

Google's 'Year in Search' video looks back on questions asked in 2020

'Why' was the most searched for term this year, as per the leading search engine.
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Google products face downtime; Tinder, Swiggy, Zomato ask users to take a break

World over, productivity took a break when Google's services went down.