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Apple becomes the first brand to surpass a brand value of $1 trillion: Kantar

In Kantar's 2024 report, Apple is the world's most valuable brand, followed by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and McDonald's.

SMEs stand to gain the most from Google’s new AI tools, say industry experts

Google recently announced a series of new tools in its Marketing Live event, and the initial reactions of experts are in. Take a look.

Google unveils AI tools to boost product imagery and immersive ad formats for brands and retailers

Gen AI-powered ad formats like Short-form Video, Virtual Try-On, and 3D Shoe Ads will help brands and retailers engage with consumers effectively.

Sony Music accuses Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI of unauthorised use of artists' songs

The music publishing company has sent letters to tech giants, seeking clarification on whether they have used its songs for AI development.

Sundar Pichai joins LinkedIn, shares his first post about upcoming Google I/O developer conference

The post says that the company will talk about Gemini models and its capabilities at the event.

OpenAI plans to launch an AI-powered search engine, potentially challenging Google's dominance

The venture is anticipated to enhance ChatGPT's ability to retrieve real-time information and incorporate citations in its responses.

Google bans advertisers from promoting deepfake pornographic services

Google will update its policy to ban advertising services that aid in creating synthetic content altered or generated to be sexually explicit or contain nudity.

OpenAI rumoured to launch its search engine, marking a significant development in the tech landscape: Report

OpenAI's search engine seeks to challenge Google's dominance in the search market.

Google announces layoffs from its Flutter, Dart, and Python teams prior to its developer conference: Report

The terminations occured as a part of its cost-saving initiative, following the termination of staff from its real estate and finance teams.

Congress spends Rs 18 Cr, BJP Rs 14 Cr on ads in April 2024: Google Report

Tamil Nadu has emerged as the top target for political ads on Google with Rs 17 crore of ad spends.