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Nine out of ten products are discovered on Meta platforms, says, Meta's Arun Srinivas

Meta’s Arun Srinivas speaks about the rising influence of new-age brands and the strategic utilisation of Meta's platforms.

Instagram tests unskippable ads to boost ad engagement

A few users had to pause and watch ads while scrolling through posts.

Meta’s revenue up by 27% in Q1

The profit was driven by increased advertising revenue and a 6 % rise in average ad prices on its platforms, says the company.

Meta collaborates with Star Sports and content creators for IPL 2024

Meta teams up with 250+ content creators and cricket teams to enhance IPL 2024 fan experience on Instagram and Threads.

Meta takes on misinformation ahead of general elections

Using genAI, third-party fact-checker expansion, activating Elections Operations Center, and more are on the agenda.

Meta lowers Facebook and Instagram subscription charges in response to privacy and antitrust issues: Report

The move comes as Meta faces criticism for its no-ads subscription service in Europe.

Meta launches 'Know What's Real' campaign to combat misinformation

It aims to educate users on identifying and addressing misinformation on WhatsApp and Instagram, promoting digital best practices.
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Meta expands creator marketplace for Instagram in India: What's in store for brands and creators?

Influencer marketing experts decode the impact of improved paid content opportunities.
Social Media

Instagram Creator Marketplace launches in India

The marketplace helps brands connect with the right creators and also helps creators get noticed by brands.

Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg takes a dig at Apple Vision Pro

The CEO, in a video address, asserts that Meta's Quest headset outperforms the Vision Pro.