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The change in Facebook's logo is more than just visual

Design experts weigh in on the nuances of Facebook's new logo…
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Facebook announces new brand logo

Facebook's global CMO wrote a blog post announcing the change
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84% Instagram users likely to shop on platform: WATConsult Report

The latest report from the agency’s research vertical, Recogn, decodes Instagram from an Indian user's perspective

fbb enters 'video content' club with web series

The brand has launched an 'interactive' web series on Instagram.

NDMPL’s campaign, Pujo Fashion Love Stories, is the new Instagram sensation


Brands get musical on Instagram...

Swiggy amongst first few.
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Instagram stories and 'news-y' storytelling…

In the age of low attention spans, publishers have a new method of news dissemination…

How brands have been catching up with the #TrendingFormat

Here's a sneak peek..
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Facebook and Instagram stories get a 'musical' twist

Now, users can share their earworms through their Instagram and Facebook stories...

This is how Twitter takes a jibe at Instagram with a post about screenshots

And, we can't help but pause and take a closer look...