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Instagram launches an ‘Unlabel India’ campaign

In partnership with Yuvaa, the campaign will run through 2020 and reach half a million people.

"Priority is to get more people to try Amazon as their first e-commerce platform": Ravi Desai

Amazon announced its association with Filmfare Awards as title sponsor.
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Brands look through Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, LinkedIn lens...

...for the Dolly Parton Challenge.

Micro Influencers see a bumpy road ahead to monetizing a like-less Instagram

TikTok will see more influencers onboarding the platform.

After Zomato, Uber Eats promises speedy delivery 'in a blink'

Uber Eats brings a game to Instagram story screens with a branded filter.

Gaana introduces ‘Stories’ - short-format video content

With this feature, Gaana intends to offer its users a flavour of newly launched, upcoming or trending/popular songs.

Shopping on social media? A look at 's-commerce'

Now, social networks want users to shop while scrolling/swiping.
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Without the 'like' metric, how will brands measure engagement?

Experts share their opinion on the change at Instagram.
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The social media "others"

A closer look at the lesser known social networking platforms in India
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The change in Facebook's logo is more than just visual

Design experts weigh in on the nuances of Facebook's new logo…