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Will science-led persuasion shape marketing in 2021?

Using lab results and scientists in lab coats, is science-based marketing the way forward for brands in 2021? Which categories are most likely to embrace it?

Dabur vs Marico: How two disparate desi FMCG giants ended up fighting

Despite having diverse origins, both the companies have already waged war over honey and hair oils. There is scope for more skirmishes in the near future.

Saffola Gold takes the ‘woke’ route; reverses gender roles to push heart care

The new campaign once again reminds us of the adage – stress is not good for the heart.

Marico enters Chyawanprash category with Saffola Arogyam Chyawan Amrut Awaleha

The new product comes with 50% more Amla, Turmeric, Giloy, Ashwagandha and Ayush Kwath herbs.

Marico's Travel Protect spray 'shushes' complaining surfaces

Don't miss the scientist in the white coat, 'sshhh'ing complaints with a spray of the product.

Marico enters the hot ‘immunity-boosting’ space, launches Saffola kadha and golden turmeric milk mix

Called the Saffola ImmuniVeda range, it comes at a time when ‘immunity’ is the talk of the town, the range has to compete with the likes of Dabur as well.

Parachute Advansed Gold juxtaposes Onam preparations with nurses preparing for duty

The ad thanks the nurses for their duty, and turns the Onam festival into one of 'thanksgiving'.

Saffola extols its honey's purity in new ad

It's perhaps the first time, we see a scientist in a lab coat examine honey's purity under a microscope in an ad.

Marico launches ‘Protect’ surface disinfectants; partners with Ola and HDFC to ensure safety of customers

Ola will provide The Protect range to the driver-partners to be used to disinfect commonly used surfaces before every ride. HDFC will use the spray to create hygienic work environment.

Mullen Lintas to handle creative duties for Marico's Veggie Clean

The agency currently also handles Marico's edible oil brand Saffola.