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Nike denies connections to ‘Satan’ Shoes', by MSCHF collective, files lawsuit

The shoes feature a pentagram pendant over the laces and supposedly, contain a drop of real human blood.

Nike’s new ad features pregnant and breastfeeding women

The ad, whilst celebrating the toughest athletes, coincides with Nike's first dedicated maternity collection, Nike (M).

Do it your way says Nike

It’s the last ad of the sporting giant’s “You can’t stop us” campaign.

From Facebook's tearjerker to Akshay Kumar's covid message to CRED's IPL hit, a round-up of the best ads of 2020...

... Methodology: a bunch of reporters who work at afaqs!, wrote about some of their favs! Enjoy our year-end special.

Nike celebrates Williams sisters' rivalry in new spot

The film - 'You Can’t Stop Sisters' shows imagery of them from the start of their careers to the present plays and how the sisters have influenced tennis.

Nike celebrates Kobe Bryant's birthday with a moving tribute

A short ad film voiced by rapper Kendrick Lamar extols the late American basketball superstar, and his 'Mamba' mentality.

Nike's new rousing ad is an editing masterpiece

W+K Portland combed through 4,000 clips and chose 72 to combine them into 36-split screen moments that seemed to merge into one.

Washington Redskins might change its name as sponsors threaten to pull the plug

'Redskins' is considered a racial slur against Native Americans. In the present atmosphere, it looks like the name just has to go or the brands will.

"We came back from the impossible": Nike's new ad on hope, perseverance, and comebacks

It's the latest ad from Nike's campaign to keep people motivated during the lockdowns and against the virus.
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How shoe brands are trying to stay relevant during lockdown

Footwear matters the least when you're on a Zoom call. What then are brands like Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Bata, and others doing to stay in the conversation?