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Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, and now Meta: Are consumers lost for AI choices?

As Meta’s AI makes its way to India, here is what industry experts have to say about the new entrant.

Apple and Meta partner over AI: report

As per a Wall Street Journal report, the rivals have held talks about potentially integrating Meta’s generative AI model into Apple Intelligence.

Scarlett Johansson expresses shock and anger over OpenAI's voice that closely resembles her own

OpenAI temporarily stopped using the resembling voice from Spike Jonze's 2013 film 'Her' during a demonstration of GPT-4o.

Sony Music accuses Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI of unauthorised use of artists' songs

The music publishing company has sent letters to tech giants, seeking clarification on whether they have used its songs for AI development.

OpenAI debuts GPT-4o that can laugh, sing, teach math and more

The unveiling occurred during the OpenAI Spring Update event.

OpenAI plans to launch an AI-powered search engine, potentially challenging Google's dominance

The venture is anticipated to enhance ChatGPT's ability to retrieve real-time information and incorporate citations in its responses.

OpenAI rumoured to launch its search engine, marking a significant development in the tech landscape: Report

OpenAI's search engine seeks to challenge Google's dominance in the search market.

Financial Times partners with OpenAI to enhance ChatGPT, improve model and create AI products for readers

Users will have access to attributed summaries, quotes, and rich links to FT journalism for relevant queries through the partnership.
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OpenAI makes first hire in India with Pragya Misra

As per reports, Misra has been recruited to lead public policy and partnerships in India.

OpenAI’s Sora: Boon or bane for the advertising world?

Experts weigh in on how Sora-OpenAi’s video generative AI tool will influence content and advertising.