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Rasna’s move to become an all-round family drink finds a spot on JioCinema for IPL 2024

With 60% of consumers being adults, its new spot stars a celeb with a pan-India presence.

Rasna’s ‘lovable journey’ into the 21st century

Rasna's founder Areez Khambatta recently passed away. A look at the brand's relevance and journey to this day and age.

"Won't compete with MNC colas; will target middle class in small towns": Rasna's Piruz Khambatta on 'Indie Cola'

A chat with the Rasna owner on the new beverage, which has been positioned as a 'Made in India fruit cola'.

“I didn’t want a Michelin star chef to endorse Rasna”: Piruz Khambatta

Rasna gives top celebs a miss; banks on the charms of regional influencers as it advertises Rasna as cake/cookie flavouring ingredient.

Rasna’s new avatar, a flavour ingredient for cakes, cookies and jellies

Used in beverages like faloodas, mocktails and milkshakes, Rasna is now positioning itself as a flavour additive for items like cakes, cookies and jellies.

CII session: "The biggest challenge today is not demand, but the supply chain..."

Rasna's CMD Piruz Khambatta offers more such insights on demand and supply, marketing, advertising, and ad spots...
Distribution Diaries

"It's not just about the brand anymore; it's about winning the supply chain game": Rasna's Piruz Khambatta

The brand's CMD talks about distribution learnings, supply chain hassles, and how 2020 will achieve 'that year in history' status

"The ad was not created for winning creative awards": Rasna's Piruz Khambatta


"I've told my agency I want to clock at least 10 million YouTube views in a week": Piruz Khambatta on Rasna ad


"I have never copied the marketing strategy of any MNC; they copy me": Piruz Khambatta, Rasna