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Striking the Balance: Generative AI in the world of PR 

Our guest author navigates GenAI's impact on PR, emphasising the need for industry regulations to steer the course of innovation responsibly.
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Sanghamitra Bhargov joins Cashfree Payments as Director - PR & Corporate Communications

She will be closely working with the founders to further boost and build brand visibility.
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The vital role of strategy-led research in crafting effective PR campaigns

Our guest author delves into the data-driven evolution of PR, shedding light on how insights can reshape brand narratives.
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Ruder Finn's tech leap tells us all about PR's evolved role in modern marketing

On the back of consistent tech integration, the agency's chief technology officer explains how PR has embraced a new role in the current landscape.
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Honest messaging and staying transparent will help to boost your PR campaigns

Remain honest, follow the strictest moral standards and ethics, says our guest author.
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Has the time come for marketers to redefine the role of PR agencies?

With PR agencies donning more than conventional hats to fit the needs of clients, we assess if the clients are finally getting the most out of their PR partners.
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BCW India CEO Deepshikha Dharmaraj chronicles India's PR universe

Dharmaraj talks to afaqs! about the evolution of PR industry, digital orientation, CSR firms, data overload, and more.
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How to match client expectations in PR

Clients are looking at value, and not just volumes. So, ‘strategic lead PR’ is important, says our guest author.
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Timely public relations can work wonders for brands

To break through the clutter of content across media formats, brands need to strike when the iron is hot, says our guest author Sonam Shah.
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Why do family-managed businesses need PR to build legacy brands?

Our guest author Priyanka Wadhwa says PR can play a pivotal role in building family-owned brands.