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PUBG's parent company Krafton announces partnership with Tesla

Krafton has released the first content update for Battlegrounds Mobile India, which includes a Tesla partnership.

PUBG’s return from exile; will it be the same?

This buzz around Battlegrounds Mobile India has triggered new interest in various pockets of the gaming industry, which had flourished alongside PUBG’s.

Game maker KRAFTON likely to relaunch PUBG Mobile as Battlegrounds Mobile in India

Like PUBG, Battlegrounds Mobile will come in a 'battle royale' format and will be available to play only in India.

PUBG Mobile to be available to Indian gamers soon

PUBG Corporation plans to invest $100 million in India to cultivate the local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries.
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Game Over: Shallow dive into the PUBG sub-culture

"The exclusivity and borderline anti-societal existence gave PUBG inhabitants a sense of community, identity, tribal loyalty," writes Anil Nair.

How will PUBG Mobile ban impact Indian gaming ecosystem?

A gaming ecosystem including gamers, influencers, creators, e-sports leagues, etc., has developed around PUBG Mobile ever since its launch in 2018.

Made in India FAU-G all set to replace PUBG Mobile

The game is being launched by nCore Games under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar and 20 per cent of net revenues will be donated to ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ trust.

Zomato and Tinder's hilarious reactions to the PUBG ban is nothing but...

The news wasn't even half a day old and the brands made their moves.

The government has banned PUBG and 117 other apps

Received complaints about misuse of apps to steal and transmit data to servers located outside India says the government.

"Parents and kids are now gaming together": Akshat Rathee, Nodwin Gaming

The co-founder and MD of one of South Asia's largest e-sports companies talks about media, advertising, and marketing in and around the e-sports ecosystem.