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How sampling platforms are helping D2C brands cut through the clutter

D2C brands can drive trials of their products in the form of Rs 200-500 worth trial packs, subscription boxes, and purchase freebies.
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The corporatisation of consumer brands

With easy access to information, there’s some blurring of lines that placed corporate brands in the hands of stakeholders and consumer brands in the hands of consumers.

ITC’s new ad for Savlon ‘Spray&Wipe’ cleaner dumbs down the disinfection routine

The Savlon surface cleaner cum disinfectant is named ‘Spray & Wipe’ which is pretty much how every product in the ‘squeeze spray cleaner’ segment is used.
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The 'March' of the Microbrand

Microbrands have been steadily rising with the rise of e-commerce. They are essentially direct-to-consumer and digital native brands.

What's the impact of migrant movement on retail FMCG consumption?

From buying local brands to change of loyalty and the need for trust, we deep dive to see how migrant labour movement has changed retail FMCG consumption.
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Brand communication beyond COVID washing

How can brands build relational communication that is relevant to the current situation, while being differentiated and authentic?
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Unilever to not market its F&B products to children below 13. Any takers?

Will this initiative live up to the mark?

Race for Horlicks: Who will benefit most?

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Should you outsource your strategic marketing?

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Brand Managers' Battle For The Brand