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Social media during a pandemic: what approach should brands take?

Brands are being forced to choose between business-as-usual, falling silent or playing the Good Samaritan.

How are brands that rely on outdoor media dealing with lockdown?

We spoke to ALTBalaji’s Divya Dixit and Dunzo’s Sai Ganesh on whether they expect billboard owners to refund their payments, or give them an extension.
Points of View

Religion, Twitter trolls and the great Indian brand apology note…

Are we seeing one too many apology notes on the part of brands? Or, is it merely a fallout of the polarising socio-political climate around these brands?
Social Media

Learning from Badshah’s social media soup – takeaways for influencer marketing

As rapper Badshah comes under scanner for feigning online popularity, we ponder how brands can separate the wheat from the chaff.

Dunzo recounts its deeds during the lockdown

Through a six-minute-14-second ad, the delivery services company tells us how it got things done during those nightmarish few months.

"Our marketing spend is at its lowest, since demand is high": Sai Ganesh, Dunzo

During lockdown, customers use Dunzo to get medicines, food, among other things, delivered. But what are the marketing challenges it's facing these days?