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How will advertisers target 'TV drop-outs'?

Is anyone at all worried?

"Lower the price point, higher the consumption rate": Anupam Bokey, CMO, Too Yumm!

In an interview, Bokey says snacking is a Rs 28,000 crore industry in India

Too Yumm! collaborates with Amazon Prime video for Amazon original series Inside Edge season 2

The first season of the web series was nominated for the 2018 International Emmy® Awards.
People Spotting

Bhavana Mittal joins RPSG Group as head of Media and Digital

Mittal is based in Gurgaon and will be responsible for all brands in the RPSG Group portfolio.

"RCB partnership to keep Virat Kohli off-limits for rivals": Anupam Bokey, Too Yumm!


Karare takes on Kurkure with 'tedha-seedha' play


Baahar Se Tedha! Andhar Se Seedha!

Points of View

Brand Virat: Over-exposed, diluted or on point?


When a long copy ad masqueraded as an open letter by Virat Kohli


Initiative, Mullen Lintas to handle brand called ‘Too Yumm!'