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Hamara Bajaj: From an industrialist's surname to an iconic tagline

The unforgettable tagline was pitched by Alyque Padamsee directly to Rahul Bajaj in 1989.

Without enough data, how do advertisers navigate the OTT world?

While advertisers are increasing their spends on streaming platforms, without a universally accepted viewership metric, they’re still shooting in the dark.
Points of View

What makes TV special?

Why do marketers across categories trust this medium? Dabur, Upstox and iD Fresh Food execs opine.

"It’s not about how many times you see an ad, but for how many years you remember it": Ogilvy's Piyush Pandey

40 years in 20 minutes: Interview with Ogilvy’s creative chief on how TVCs have evolved over the decades.

“Contextual targeting is essential for marketers": Maruti's Shashank Srivastava

He said this during a discussion around a world sans third party cookies, at an IAMAI event.

“There’s an entrepreneurial spirit to digital advertising today”: Anant Goenka

Interview with the executive director of The Indian Express Group.
People Spotting

Rajul Kulshreshtha, CEO, Madison Media Plus, moves on

He joined the agency in June 2019.

How can web publishers prepare for ‘Chrome-ageddon’?

How will Google's cookie policy impact web publishing, programmatic buying, and advertising?

What will the new dentsu look like?

In India, the process of bringing 23 agency brands down to 6 has begun. Won't clients miss names like Webchutney and Taproot?

Will Indians buy into Xiaomi’s promise of shoes?

A recent ad for Xiaomi’s running shoes made us take a closer look at the mechanisms of product extension and brand diversification.