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eSports at Asian Games 2023: Will Indian brands catapult it into the mainstream?

From streaming to OTT platforms and TV, stakeholders from the Indian eSports ecosystem trace how it is going mainstream and share how brands have reacted.

Rajkumar Rao finds his own squad in new digital campaign for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI)

The video also features popular gamers Mortal, Snax, and Dynamo.

Gillette announces BATTLEGROUNDS INDIA collaboration

Globally, Gillette has championed gaming and esports, but in India, for the first time, the brand has ventured into the space with this alliance.

Battlegrounds Mobile India wants to ground its gamers before losing them to its own creation

A new film by DDB Mudra address unhealthy gaming obsessions and the checks the creators have introduced.

Ultimate Battle launches Battlegrounds Mobile India on its platform

Set to host multiple tournaments around this Battle Royale Game, becomes the first mover to host this exclusive “India ka Game”.

PUBG’s return from exile; will it be the same?

This buzz around Battlegrounds Mobile India has triggered new interest in various pockets of the gaming industry, which had flourished alongside PUBG’s.