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‘Biryani wins trophy’ and became most-ordered food item during IPL 2023: Swiggy

In this IPL edition, biryani was delivered with over 12 million orders at 212 BPM (biryanis per minute).

Can biryani lead India’s march to create a global restaurant chain business?

The burst of food delivery platforms and cloud kitchens have created an opportunity for brands to launch national chains of the rice speciality. Can they now establish their presence internationally?

Shah Rukh Khan pitches Thums Up as the new partner for biryani

Here’s a quick look at Thums Up’s second TVC featuring the Bollywood actor.
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Biryani beats its last year’s record on Zomato - up from 22 deliveries to 120 deliveries per minute

The food delivery app received its biggest order from someone in Ahmedabad, worth Rs 33,000.

Zomato’s data-backed campaign ritualises food ordering, allots cuisines to days of the week

The cuisine attached to a day is the most ordered on that particular day of the week. Like, Mondays are for healthy food and Saturdays are for Biryani.

Are Indians ditching biryani for healthy meals?

Swiggy’s Health Hub shows 20 per cent more Indians ate healthy in Jan 2021, a trend that is deemed to rise through the year.

Pandemic era surge in biryani recipe searches brings good news for ingredient brands

Brands like Kohinoor and Fortune are having a moment, as foodies and home chefs experiment with biryani at home.

When Biryani's CV landed in a Zomato user's inbox

The CV included an objective, references, hobbies, achievements, and even work experience.