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Country Delight milks its way into kitchen essentials

The company will now, along with milk, deliver fruits, vegetables and other essentials.

Country Delight motivates people to adopt a healthier lifestyle with its new digital campaign ‘Live Better’

The company plans to launch the campaign on digital platforms and targets a viewership of 5 million.

Doodh mein Chemical Locha?!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but is that the case with modern apples?

Country Delight's latest ad is a take on the age-old proverb in the context of modern day farming practices.

A coconut with a plastic pout; Country Delight's non dairy adventure

The product package is a real coconut and the brand promises that each fruit will have a minimum of 270 ml of water.

Country Delight upholds milk purity promise in new ad

The ad shows how Country Delight’s milk is collected from local farmers, run through quality tests and delivered within 36 hours of milking.

Milk delivery app Country Delight lets you test the purity of milk, a precedent post ‘Honeygate’?

With the honey scandal shining a bright light on ‘purity’, is milk the next segment to feel the heat?

Does this copywriting remind you of a toothpaste ad?

Well, it's Country Delight's latest print ad.