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Can creativity be measured?

After all, creating memorable advertising requires not just high creativity, but also a deep understanding of the brand and the product category.
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Coins for Oxygen: Has it worked for CRED, or does it look gimmicky?

CRED is letting users donate their ‘coins’ towards the supply of oxygen concentrators. The initiative has fetched polarising responses on, and off, social media.

Cred's latest ad stars veteran cricketers as the 'Venkaboys'

"We're the OGs... Just ask your Daddy," they croon, in the latest IPL ad campaign.

A dummy’s guide to magicpin – the company spoofing CRED ads, offering cashbacks

magicpin’s latest ads have been garnering a lot of attention, but the question remains – what is the app all about?

“What’s the point of all these points,” asks magicpin as it spoofs CRED once again

The savings app ad says don’t get distracted by celebrities – the central focus of CRED’s campaign.

CRED now gets singer Kumar Sanu to sell insurance

The 30-second ad is the third one in the credit card bill payment rewards app’s six-film IPL campaign.

magicpin spoofs Cred’s rewards campaign like a boss

magicpin's new ad takes a dig at Cred’s ‘coins’ and contrasts it against its own rewards program, which it says, has a wider range of spending options.

Nivea’s ‘Cool Kick’ can help ‘Indiranagar ka gunda’ keep his cool

The Nivea communication was created for its ‘Cool Kick’ line of summer focused talcum powder, deodorant and roll on.

From ‘Atirikt Khurak’ to ‘Atirikt Zumba’, Jackie Shroff shakes a leg for CRED

It’s the second of CRED’s six-ad campaign for the ongoing Indian Premier League.
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"Nowadays, people take offence like it’s a limited time offer": Sambit Mohanty

The creative head, McCann South, on how CRED's much-loved 'Indiranagar ka gunda' ad has one foot stuck in the 'cancel culture' trap.