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OTT or social media: The big advertiser dilemma defining India's booming digital landscape

Reports indicate that the digital advertising sector is projected to hit Rs 62,045 crore by 2025, with a compounded growth rate of 23.49%.

FY24 ad spends to see muted growth by retail and media tech: Redseer Strategy Consultants

The report outlines India's digital advertising landscape and emerging digital-first trends.

Privacy push or just antitrust avoidance? Indian ad world divided over Google's cookie shake-up

Industry insiders navigate Google's cookieless horizon, exploring its impact amidst the rise of other players like Amazon and Jio.

Lara Dutta Bhupati partners with Gritzo to promote child nutrition in digital ad

The digital film has been conceptualised and executed internally by Gritzo's team and is available across various digital platforms.

Digital ad impressions grew by 33% this quarter: TAM Adex report

Services was the leading sector with 45% share of ad impressions this quarter

Ad fraud: here’s how digital marketers are dealing with the billion dollar monster

TrafficGuard’s Himanshu Nagrecha sheds light on the onslaught of ad fraud and the emerging tech to neutralise it.

Digital ad insertions grew by 52% in 2022: TAM AdEx

Amazon Online India and Grammarly retained their first and second positions respectively during 2022.

What's keeping digital marketers awake at night?

True integration and data sanctity to planning branded content and solving for scale on digital are some areas that panellists highlighted at Digies 2023.
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What will digital advertising in 2023 look like?

We asked four experts about the new categories of brands that could up their digital ad spends and the platforms that will attract most spends in 2023. Here’s what they had to say:

Digital ad spends catching up with TV, will 2023 be a defining year for the medium?

Predictions in 2022 said the share of digital advertising will stand at 45% of the ad pie and TV will be down to 39%. Here’s what really happened: