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Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and a 'kidult' star in latest Flipkart Fashion ad

The duo in the ads are seen engaging in dialogue with a kidult from Flipkart in the background supplementing the storyline.

It’s back to ‘essentials’ for e-commerce brands in Maharashtra

The state government has said that these brands can only deliver ‘essential’ goods, but the definition of ‘essential’ isn’t the same for all.
Marketing Initiative

Flipkart goes #FullOnFab and we can’t handle it!

The brand skillfully leveraged social media to make users guess the next best product launch…
Points of View

Do e-commerce brands under-leverage their packaging real estate?

Of late, there has been a smattering of innovative packaging - from Amazon, Flipkart - but the space is largely bland. Are e-commerce brands missing a trick?

Flipkart touts superior packaging in new grocery ad…

… As it announces expansion of its grocery services to 50-plus cities across India.

Flipkart launches commerce-focused self-serve DSP in partnership with MediaMath

Partnership will support advertising goals for brands through a self-serve platform with end-to-end campaign management.

What if your Flipkart order was delivered in a transparent packet?

Well, Flipkart is currently pilot testing ‘no package shipping’ and ‘e-commerce ready packaging’ for certain categories. Mahesh Pratap Singh talks about it...

Flipkart Wholesale begins grocery operations to cater to kiranas, small retailers

Flipkart Wholesale, which went live with the fashion category in September last year, will now also offer grocery options on its app.
Guest Article

“Please don’t feed the celebrities…”

We asked our guest writer whether Flipkart's ‘kidults’ might be something of a liability after all these years. He thinks they trump A-listers, hands down.

“It was a big bet we took with this show”: Prakash Sikaria, Flipkart

A conversation with Prakash Sikaria, VP (growth and monetisation) at Flipkart, and director Guneet Monga on the interactive show ‘Kaun? Who Did it?’.