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Give your neighbourhood thambi dosa wala a run for his money with your round dosa courtesy of iD Fresh Food

The food company has launched a dosa maker following in the footsteps of the vada maker.
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What makes TV special?

Why do marketers across categories trust this medium? Dabur, Upstox and iD Fresh Food execs opine.

iD Fresh Food launches bread; to take on branded players, local bakeries

The brand is known for idli-dosa batter, parotas, filter coffee decoction. Why bread? CMO Rahul Gandhi says bulk of Indians consume carbs in the form of bread.

In conversation with 5 CMOs helming 'kitchen hack' brands

A chat with executives from ITC, Mother’s Recipe, iD Fresh Foods, Jubilant FoodWorks, Nilon’s about the ready to cook segment, at CMO Week – 2nd edition.

Here's how iD Fresh Food is bringing the power of batters, decoction, parotas to a competitive ready-to-cook market

CMO Rahul Gandhi on food innovation - the need of the hour in the market where branded and unbranded products alike are out to rescue those in need of 'kitchen shortcuts'.

Langoor bags iD Fresh Food's digital mandate