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Ali Harris Shere moves on from Britannia; to join ITC

Ali Harris Shere has stepped down from his post as marketing director
Guest Article

What marketers really expect from their ad agencies…

A guest article by ITC brand manager, Alekhya Chakrabarty.

OPPO's ad featuring visually challenged person strikes a chord

The recent spot is a collaboration video with visually challenged photographer Bhavesh Patel. We also take a look at ads that have taken the same tack in recent times ..

Amul calls out lack of butter in rival cookies...


ITC launches new corporate campaign ‘Sab Saath Badhein’ industry news

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The Tata focus on FMCG - who will it impact the most?


Ranveer ko Maza Chakhaao Contest


Peri Peri


ITC Chairman YC Deveshwar passes away at 72

People Spotting

Sanjiv Puri appointed as Managing Director at ITC Limited