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Santoor ditches 31-year-old ‘mummy’ formula in new COVID-era ad

In a bid to stay relevant and topical to the current times, the ad focuses on the ability of the soap to aid in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Causevertising in times of coronavirus, in the context of Lifebuoy

If a brand doesn't have a cause - now isn't a good time to go hunting for one, recommends David Porter, VP of global media at Unilever for APAC and Africa.
Points of View

Can Dettol and Lifebuoy protect their turf in the exploding hand sanitiser market?

While the market leaders like Lifebuoy, Dettol and PureHands in the hand sanitiser space have rapidly lost share this year, will they be able to regain lost ground? Here’s what experts have to say.
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Pepsico debuts new TikTok campaign with Salman Khan

The hashtag challenge urges viewers to maintain social distancing by switching up their greetings; and shooting a video with the filter on TikTok.

HUL distributes 3,500 litres of Lifebuoy hand sanitisers to Mumbai Police

The exclusive batch of sanitisers was developed and produced by Lifebuoy and Fullarton in a month, and is also scheduled for distribution to hospitals.

Delhi HC restricts airing of Lifebuoy ad that ‘disparaged’ Dettol antiseptic liquid

The ad in question pitted Dettol antiseptic liquid against Lifebuoy soap – two products that have very different uses

India’s hand sanitiser category sees more entrants as demand surges…

...But despite these brands making and selling hand sanitisers, it seems their products haven’t reached the stores and regional brands reign supreme.

Century old Lifebuoy ad finds relevance amidst COVID-19 crisis

With a few minor tweaks, the ad would still be relevant if published today. Hygiene brands and healthcare experts are repeating a 100 year old message.

Lifebuoy files case against Dettol over product portrayal in ad

Lifebuoy has moved the Bombay High Court over a Dettol ad that allegedly depicts a red bar of soap - very similar to Lifebuoy's soap.

When Lifebuoy's 'handwashing' ambassador tells you to use another soap

The soap brand from Unilever stresses on the importance of washing your hands frequently with any soap that you may have