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Lifebuoy says its “virus fighter” can save you thousands in medical expenses

The brand’s touting its Rs 10 soap and good hygiene habits as the ideal tools to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Lifebuoy and Practo come together in new public service advert

In an interesting move, Unilever's anti-bacterial soap finds room in the world of online medical consultation.

Lifebuoy PSA cautions against complacency just because lockdowns aren’t in force…

… Urges you to keep washing hands with soap or use an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Unilever to remove word ‘normal’ from packaging and advertising

Unilever's Positive Beauty strategy sets out commitments and actions for the beauty and personal care brands like Dove, Lifebuoy, Axe and Sunsilk.

From Facebook's tearjerker to Akshay Kumar's covid message to CRED's IPL hit, a round-up of the best ads of 2020...

... Methodology: a bunch of reporters who work at afaqs!, wrote about some of their favs! Enjoy our year-end special.

After deo, wafers and soft drink, a surface disinfectant brand uses the 'no gas' proposition

Lifebuoy launched a 'no gas' surface disinfectant earlier this year and is currently running a TVC for the same. Can it really be the category's USP?

Lifebuoy's new ad harps on hugs and kisses in a social distancing era

'Jhappi and pappi' (hugs and kisses) in times of COVID? Lifebuoy's new ad is told from the perspective of an overly affectionate child.

Over 60% of Indians wash their hands with just water, Lifebuoy hacked this unhygienic habit for good at the Kumbh Mela

The Unilever soap brand put a stamp on people’s hands using a special wearable ink that turned into antibacterial soap upon contact with water.

2020 creates 'fabric sanitiser' sub-segment within laundry; will it stick?

Dettol, Lifebuoy have a liquid laundry sanitiser. Savlon, Godrej Aer offer fabric sanitiser sprays. Will the pandemic make the gap between 'wash' and 'sanitise' permanent?
Editor's Note

‘Covid Consumerism’: Good for business, bad for marketing?

As multiple categories add germ-kill to their selling propositions… product promises, advertising codes, and usage rituals get complicated.