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Maggi spoofs Colgate’s ‘toothpaste mai namak’ ad

Actor Sanya Malhotra features as a reporter accompanied by a camera person in the ad.

Instant breakfast gets ITC's Aashirvaad

After brands like Maggi and Kellogg's, the atta brand has also made its entry in the category. But is it too late?

The psychology behind FMCG hotspots

Here are some tips on catching the consumer’s eye in a noisy, crowded retail market.

Is 'snacking wanderlust' past its peak?

Buoyed by prolific brand activity in ready-to-cook and food delivery segments, frequent snacking emerged as a biproduct of WFH over 18 months. As offices reopen, will the bingefest wane?

Nestlé cautions against counterfeit Maggi

The company urges buyers to double-check the logo on the pack to ensure it's not fake Maggi.
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Nestlé tweaks Maggi, KitKat, Nescafe, Everyday packaging to remind buyers to wear masks

Nearly a year-and-a-half into the COVID pandemic, Nestlé is using the tweaked packs to send out a message. It's part of the ‘Face of hope’ initiative.

Maggi pushes its ‘Masala-ae-Magic’ as a secret ingredient-in-chief for meals 

Lately, the brand has been pushing its non-noodle offering to the front. 
Guest Article

The corporatisation of consumer brands

With easy access to information, there’s some blurring of lines that placed corporate brands in the hands of stakeholders and consumer brands in the hands of consumers.

From 2-minute noodles to 5-minute Pazzta; Maggi wants to be your first choice for cravings 

The brand has released an ad showing off its four new pasta flavours.

Ready-to-cook foods brand McCain eyes ‘new snack time slots’ in the home-bound consumer’s day

The Snack-O-Clock campaign targets new snacking occasions like between zoom meetings, while binging web series and in between online classes.