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KFC Popcorn Bowl with Maggi


KFC Popcorn bowl made with Maggi

The all-new offering brings together KFC’s signature Chicken Popcorn & the nation’s much loved Maggi noodles – for the first time ever!

How brands celebrated World Environment Day

Disney Star, Nickelodeon, The Hindu, Maggi and Jade Blue among many other brands brought out campaigns to celebrate ‘Only One Earth’.

MAGGI® breaks the norm this Mother’s Day to pay homage to moms

The films shows how despite being busy with last minute preparations, the teenager recognises that his mom is more stressed about his exams.

MAGGI ropes in Suresh Raina to celebrate partnership of MAGGI & Cricket

The campaign is an ode to the exciting moments brought alive by MAGGI when it comes to cricket.

MAGGI turns 40; releases ad for Masala-ae-Magic

The spot shows how regular home-cooked meals can be made interesting with the help of MAGGI spices.

Maggi spoofs Colgate’s ‘toothpaste mai namak’ ad

Actor Sanya Malhotra features as a reporter accompanied by a camera person in the ad.

Instant breakfast gets ITC's Aashirvaad

After brands like Maggi and Kellogg's, the atta brand has also made its entry in the category. But is it too late?

The psychology behind FMCG hotspots

Here are some tips on catching the consumer’s eye in a noisy, crowded retail market.

Is 'snacking wanderlust' past its peak?

Buoyed by prolific brand activity in ready-to-cook and food delivery segments, frequent snacking emerged as a biproduct of WFH over 18 months. As offices reopen, will the bingefest wane?