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National Geographic‘s India's Mega Festivals’ explores the grandeur of Indian celebrations with Chef Gary Mehigan

The six-part series will premier on September 6 and will give viewers access to the enchanting world of Indian festivals.

National Geographic India’s series ‘Mega Icons’ chronicles Keshav R. Murugesh's quest to revolutionize the global IT-BPM industry

Premiering on August 17, 2023, the documentary will showcase the life of Keshav R. Murugesh and his role in the transformation of WNS into a global leader.

National Geographic to showcase story behind the manufacturing of Balaji Wafers

Premiering on December 5th, 2020 at 7.00 pm, the show will bring to light the inner workings of his home-grown brand Balaji Wafers.

Nat Geo's ‘Postcards from Punjab’ chronicles the best of a new Punjab

The two-part documentary series explores the well-known as well as some unknown facts about the State of Punjab and how it has evolved to become one of the favoured tourist attraction.

Nat Geo to premiere ‘Future Cities: How They Are Made’ on September 26

The film will showcase how India is bridging the gap between its biggest metros with smart, sustainable cities that will transform millions of lives.

Nat Geo’s upcoming documentary ‘A Unicorn’s Revolution’ to showcase tech revolution in education

In collaboration with Unacademy, an educational technology platform, the film will reveal how Edtech is emerging as a catalyst in the digital revolution and transforming millions of lives across geographies.

Deepika Padukone, Ratan Tata to feature in Season 2 of Mega Icons on Nat Geo

The show will premiere on National Geographic on September 20, 2020.

National Geographic to premiere 'The Next Frontier: India’s Smart Cities’

In collaboration with Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the film, which premieres on August 15, 2020, reveals how the Smart Cities Mission is creating the next generation of cities for tomorrow.

National Geographic to air ‘India from Above’ this Independence Day

Part of National Geographic’s much acclaimed and TV’s first global airborne franchise ‘From Above’, the two-part series will showcase unique stories from India from a rare aerial perspective on 14 August, 10 pm.

On World Environment Day, National Geographic brings nature home by releasing digital wallpapers

Under its new #TogetherWithNature campaign, Nat Geo brings people closer to ‘Mother Nature’ as they operate from home.