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Corona Scare: Why are OTT platforms restricting resolution to only SD

The OTT platforms unanimously decided to drop down its content offering on cellular data to standard definition.

Jordindian and Netflix India collab and time-travel to stop exams

In their new rap video, the duo go back in time to ensure no discoveries or inventions were made so as to stop exams in present day.

Netflix India pokes fun at clichéd Women's Day ads

From gym memberships to discount sales, it doesn't leave anything out.

The best of Women's Day ads 2020

Here's a shortlist of the brands which made the cut.

When 'Netflix and Chill' goes South

Its algorithm is one of the heroes of Netflix's new ad film.

Chyawanprash Diaries: Here's what went down between Vir Das and Dabur

It all began when Das wondered 'what ingredients are in Chyawanprash?'

“We try to program for every mood”: Srishti Behl Arya, Netflix

An interview with the lady behind Netflix's movies.
Social Media

Tinder and Netflix get the ball rolling in a Twitter exchange...

...for the upcoming Valentine's Day

Netflix's new show promo resembles anti-fraud BFSI ads

The promo aims to raise awareness about the menace of phishing.

New Year's Eve: Expectations vs Reality

Everyone makes big plans for New Year's Eve. But sometimes, small plans can also go a long way.