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GroupM iTV and Ormax Media Report: Indian Box Office to Pick Up Massive Pace In 2022

Indian Box Office to Pick Up Massive Pace In 2022: GroupM iTV and Ormax Media Report.

Ormax Media & Film Companion announce the second edition of ‘O Womaniya!’

It is a definitive report on female representation in Indian entertainment, to be released in June.

How do online video platforms decide what their viewers may want to watch?

The second panel discussion of Voot presents vdonxt asia Week looks at how these platforms are developing their recommendation technology to help viewers choose their preferred content.

Indian box office lost more than ₹15,000 crore to the pandemic in 2020, 2021: Ormax Media

The Ormax Box Office Report 2020 & 2021, looks at the Indian box office across languages, and highlights key trends in the sector.

Fake news remains major concern for 64% news consumers in India: Ormax Media’s study

As per the ‘Fact or Fake?’ report, print enjoys higher credibility than all other media.

Ormax Media launches monthly OTT brand health tracking tool Ormax Brand Monitor

The first Ormax Brand Monitor report, based on audience research conducted in October 2021, is now available for subscription.

Ormax Media launches audience analytics tool for TV channels to identify a viewership-growth strategy

Ormax Televate currently covers the Urban Indian market, and addresses 157 channels in the industry, in 36 genres across languages.
Guest Article

Beyond binaries: understanding India’s entertainment landscape in the post-pandemic world

2022 will be streaming’s biggest year in India. But it could also be the biggest year for the box office.

Are children's channels driving girls away?

Is it the dearth of female leads that pushes the girl viewers away? Or is the absence of female viewership the reason for the dearth?

353 million users and 96 million active paid subscribers in Indian OTT space: Ormax report

One in four Indians watched online videos at least once in the last one month.