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Has the dishwasher become a part of Indian kitchens post-pandemic?

Recently, brands like Bosch, Godrej Appliances and Voltas Beko have begun advertising their products.

Voltas Beko urges families to share responsibilities equally at home

The brand was at the receiving end of severe social media bashing last year for an ad associating the job of washing dishes only with women.

Voltas Beko offers to takeover our household chores in 2021

Voltas positions its washing machine, dishwasher and microwave oven as a solution to washing clothes, doing dishes and baking cakes respectively.

Voltas Beko refrigerators claim to keep vegetables fresh up to 30 days... what's cooking?

Will this claim bolster bulk buying, and will consumers buy what Voltas Beko is selling?

Voltas Beko celebrates Durga Puja with special Instagram AR filters

Urges people to celebrate the festival at home at the click of a button.
Points of View

Dishwasher ad gets flak; does copywriting need 'woke' filters?

Ads construed as racist, sexist, and classist are being hauled up more frequently than ever, so we ponder if copywriting has entered a new era.

Voltas Beko releases India's first dishwasher ad, shot in lockdown

The ad by Wunderman Thompson is shot entirely in lockdown, and talks about relieving people of household duties with the help of dishwashers.

Will dishwasher sales finally take off in India?

As the nation looks to ‘unlock’, will middle class people ask their maids to come back, continue to clean their own dishes, or buy dishwashers? We try and find out.

“Shot before, post-production done during lockdown”: Voltas Beko’s Prasenjit Basu, on new film

The campaign pays tribute to single mothers. We spoke to the brand’s marketing head about the ideation and execution of it.