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Amazon introduces a new male voice option for Alexa’s responses

Amazon is celebrating Alexa's fifth anniversary this year.

From absurd trivia to info on biz news: Here’s what India asked Alexa in 2022

Between Salman Khan’s personal life and Elon Musk’s net worth, Amazon’s smart speaker was asked questions about a diverse range of trending topics.

India Today and Amazon Alexa tie-up to bring viewers the ground zero report for the UP elections

The alliance will deliver the most factual updates to its viewers on the 3-episode special flagship show Trigger Point hosted by Preeti Chaudhary!

Amazon Alexa celebrates four years in India

The company claims that the number of requests to Alexa in 2021, increased by 68 per cent, as compared to 2020.

Amazon's Alexa tunes into Hungama Music

Users can now ask Alexa to play their favourite songs on Hungama Music while shopping on Amazon.
Guest Article

Alexa, how would brands fit in a voice-first world?

Our guest author believes that we will transcend to a voice-first world once we have surpassed barriers like computers understanding the tone of voice and context.

Voot, now just a conversation away with Alexa

Watch your favourite shows on the just-launched Amazon Echo Show 8.

Alexa... share a Coke with me?

Ogilvy Australia teamed up with Amazon to let users share a Coke with Alexa.

Agencies invest in 'Voice Verticals'

We take a look at few examples.

Ok, Google. Hindi mein bolo

Google advertises Hindi voice assistant with stories on social mobility.