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Santoor ditches 31-year-old ‘mummy’ formula in new COVID-era ad

In a bid to stay relevant and topical to the current times, the ad focuses on the ability of the soap to aid in the fight against the Coronavirus.
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Can Dettol and Lifebuoy protect their turf in the exploding hand sanitiser market?

While the market leaders like Lifebuoy, Dettol and PureHands in the hand sanitiser space have rapidly lost share this year, will they be able to regain lost ground? Here’s what experts have to say.
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Pepsico debuts new TikTok campaign with Salman Khan

The hashtag challenge urges viewers to maintain social distancing by switching up their greetings; and shooting a video with the filter on TikTok.

React to Roast: Is TikTok vs YouTube shaping up to become 'the' brand rivalry of our times?

With brands loving both platforms and creators from both sides taking shots at each other, here's how it all unfolded.

RB carries forward 'Dettol Dhula' tune in a 'shot on iPhone' ad

Dettol's latest ad, which is shot, edited and produced from home, features actors and sportspersons urging people to wash their hands regularly

Delhi HC restricts airing of Lifebuoy ad that ‘disparaged’ Dettol antiseptic liquid

The ad in question pitted Dettol antiseptic liquid against Lifebuoy soap – two products that have very different uses
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Dettol accuses Baba Ramdev of misleading consumers?

The hand sanitiser giant responds to Baba Ramdev's tweets with the present pricing figures and asks to refrain from spreading fake news.
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Baba Ramdev takes dig at Dettol on Twitter; Dettol responds...

The comparison was between the price of sanitiser from Dettol India and from his own company, Patanjali Paridhan.

Surf Excel's first quarantine era ad tells us that 'Daag' will stay at home

The brand's iconic catchphrase has been tweaked to reflect the times we're living in, but with a dash of hope for the future

India’s hand sanitiser category sees more entrants as demand surges…

...But despite these brands making and selling hand sanitisers, it seems their products haven’t reached the stores and regional brands reign supreme.