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Lifebuoy files case against Dettol over product portrayal in ad

Lifebuoy has moved the Bombay High Court over a Dettol ad that allegedly depicts a red bar of soap - very similar to Lifebuoy's soap.

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Dettol out with first ‘home made’ ad film

While the ad drives home the effectiveness of soap against germs, it is a replication of a viral ‘soap trick’ video, a popular science experiment.
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Lifebuoy's TikTok challenge features an influencer from Dettol's campaign

Awez Darbar was recently seen taking part in the Lifebuoy handwash challenge on TikTok, only days after dancing in a similar video for Dettol

COVID-19 advertising: Dettol takes to TikTok with a challenge

It has only been launched for now, and as part of phase two of the campaign, Dettol plans to take the social media challenge across the globe

Dettol moves from personal hygiene to 'clean homes'

RB's Pankaj Duhan talks about Dettol's new spray format.

"Want to delight 'Millennial Moms'": Pankaj Duhan, RB, on Dettol soaps


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YouTube Ads Leaderboard: Ads that India watched, loved and shared in 2017

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The Top 10 Most Watched Indian Ads on YouTube in October 2017