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Dettol lathers up with new Aloe Coconut and Strawberry handwash variants 

What about the brand’s classic antiseptic smell now that it has launched a Foaming Handwash line?

#Dettol Foaming #Handwash


As Dettol wins hearts with 'warrior packs', a look at recent tweaks to logos, packaging, across brands

Brands like Maggi, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Ghadi and Lay’s have also eased up on brand guidelines, extending campaigns to assets like product packaging, logos and labels.

Dettol replaces its iconic logo with the pictures of Covid Protectors on 4 million packs

The 4 million #DettolSalute packs will be available on e-commerce channels and across 500,000 stores in India from the 3rd week of June

Dettol reinforces Covid-19 precautions in a new anthem

The message is that we can defeat the virus if we follow the necessary precautions.

Dettol’s new ads place its laundry sanitiser as part of daily laundry cycle

Set in a pre-pandemic world, the two ads illustrate how the menace of illness-causing germs was always present.

WhiteHat Jr collaborates with Dettol BSI to launch a digital scholarship program

50 Scholarships to be awarded to top performers for creating innovative mobile apps addressing hygiene and health issues.

It protects, lathers well and makes you feel fresh; the new Dettol goes all out to keep you safe

In two new ads, the Reckitt brand says it now offers more protection against germs, viruses and bacteria.

Dettol’s laundry sanitiser ad arrives at a time when the segment is more cluttered than clean

The ad touts the sanitiser, but makes mention of a man challenging his wife’s laundry process. It is a bit strange when one assumes that couples were sharing the laundry load since last year’s COVID-induced lockdowns.

Dettol partners with Treebo hotels to facilitate hygienic stays

Dettol will provide cleanliness and disinfection at over 600 Treebo Hotels. Treebo also introduced the Web Check-in feature for guests to check-in remotely.