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Durex celebrates the return of PUBG Mobile and sleepless nights

Captioned “Winners always come prepared!”, the condom brand gets moment marketing bang on.

Durex lambasts 'normal', calls for better and safer sex

The condom maker calls out arms, legs, bums, and private parts for the world has never been so ready for change
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Durex's pride in the range of love is evident...

... In a social media post, the condom brand illustrates the long-range of love.

The art of communication: Converse, OYO, Durex during COVID -19

From funny and entertaining to informative and insightful, here's how brands are talking to us during the COVID - 19 crisis.

Brands make the most of President Trump's two-day India visit...

They 'wulcomed' POTUS in the best way possible.

Durex adds fruity punch with flavoured condoms

The new campaign aims to make sex less boring…

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