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Fevicol reveals the secret to a 'pakka' promotion this year

It all boils down to your choice of seating.

What is the role of TV advertising in the revival of consumption?

Does the good ol’ television commercial have a ‘larger’ role to play today? Can it stimulate consumer demand in a precariously placed economy?

Piyush Pandey on advertising, cricket and the birth of great ideas

Starring in an episode of Netflix India's show 'The Creative Indians', Ogilvy's advertising veteran speaks about his life and career at length.

Ek Lakdi Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga…. Fevicol sings on social media

Read again! The hit love lyric from the ‘90s finds meaning in Fevicol’s new social media creative

Prasoon Pandey’s stories of shooting ‘Family’ and Fevicol’s ‘Sofa’ films...

The ad filmmaker calls himself intuitive and doesn’t like overthinking the creative process. So, how did he arrive at these two vastly different ad films then?

Dunzo puts a 'punny' spin on popular nostalgic ads from the 90s

Surf Excel, Dairy Milk, Fevicol were some of the nostalgic ads referenced in a series of posts by Dunzo on Thursday, using the #90sReDun.
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Fevicol's iconic mascots tweaked to reflect the changing times

Keeping in mind the rapid spread of Coronavirus, which now has over 125 cases in India, the brand’s new logo talks about one of the precautions
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Fevicol puns on Meghan-Harry's 'royal brexit'

'Should’ve taken Fevicol instead', the brand suggests in its SM post.

Fevicol extends its stickiness to radio with Fevi-call

The radio spots double up as sticky reminders.

In a new spot for Edgefix, Pidilite targets carpenters

The film is a 'brochure'.