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YouTube brings creators together for #CreateWithCare campaign

The campaign aims to empower and educate creators about building and nurturing an open, inclusive YouTube community.

Will Dream11-Khaby Lame collab provide a new dimension to Indian influencer marketing?

There will be more cross-border collaborations between content creators and brands now, feel experts.

The Whole Truths' new ad takes a dig at dishonest influencers

The video features brand's founder-CEO Shashank Mehta who explains how the trend of influencing has lost its core essence.
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The big shift: From advertising creating influencers to influencers creating advertising

Are we missing the big shift in influence that is changing advertising?
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How will ASCI’s new rulebook for influencers change the game for social media agencies?

The new guidelines require influencers to make sure they declare, beyond doubt, which content is branded. Here is a peek through the agency lens…

Rebuilding trust with transparency

The core focus of 'The Sway' will be Influencer Marketing, Meme Marketing, and Technology Experiences.

Flipkart's 'Ideas' feed features content creators, publishers

The e-commerce company's 'Ideas' feed has content - articles, videos, photos - from publishers and influencers, prompting users to shop on its app

Fanta's new ad celebrates 'idiots' - a.k.a. viral content creators

Created by 72andSunny, the film celebrates real people and their determination to create some of the internet's most hilarious and dumb videos
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Is it time to monitor influencer advertising like TVCs?

Here is what experts think.

Durex adds fruity punch with flavoured condoms

The new campaign aims to make sex less boring…