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Cadbury Silk Bubbly pops out a new bubblegum flavour

The aerated chocolate bar now has a pink filling inside it; the ad introducing it follows the ‘young love’ trope typical of Dairy Milk.

Viacom18 and Mondelez India pair up to celebrate singledom this Valentine’s Day

The network to release the music video across its social media handles.

“What plans for Valentine’s Day?” hurts; Cadbury 5 Star is giving you an out from the wound this year

But it goes against its sibling Dairy Milk that loves to ask “how far will you go for love?”

Cadbury Dairy Milk hits the sweet spot inside a fridge with six new ads

Says we should always have something sweet inside the fridge.

“Indians have always had a sweet tooth; had to create the category”: Inderpreet Singh, on 50 years of Choclairs

A chat with the business head for beverages, candies, meals and gums about the revamped packaging, and the contest with the golden ticket.

Mondelez India recreates Cadbury Dairy Milk's 'Kuch Khaas Hai' ad with a twist

Remember the ad with the girl dancing on the cricket pitch when her boyfriend hits a six? The new ad swaps their roles.

Mondelez forays into snacking bar category with launch of Cadbury Fuse Fit

The product is being launched in two variants - almonds and peanuts, and cranberry and nuts, in a first of its kind transparent packaging.

"Consumers now make choices based on occasions, not categories": Anil Viswanathan, Mondelez

A chat with the senior director of marketing at Mondelez India on 'snacking adjacency' a.k.a, fusion snacks like Cadbury 5 Star Oreo and Kwality Walls' Dairy Milk Crackle ice cream.

Mondelez India launches Cadbury Oreo Milkshake Mix; expands milk food drink offering

Priced at Rs. 175 for 200 gms, it will exclusively be available in modern trade and on e-commerce platforms.

Mondelez India launches new chocolate variant ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Mousse’

This latest entrant offers a combination of a micro-aerated mousse filling inside a Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk chocolate bar.