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P&G celebrates parents who support and love their kids regardless of who they are

“You gotta be you, and you gotta do you,” says a proud father, who supports and loves his queer son.

Head & Shoulders promises 'germ free' scalp along with dandruff free

Ranveer Singh raps in a new challenge video on Instagram and says the brand keeps scalp free from dandruff causing germs.

P&G reflects on how women suffer the most setbacks during downturns...

... And adds that this time, we have another chance at equality.

Gillette to provide an insurance cover of up to Rs 1 lakh to barbers

As part of 'Barber Suraksha Programme', the brand will also educate them on safe operations, and provide specially curated product kits covering their requirement for two months.

P&G's new ad shines a light on 'The Pause' that affects the LGBTQ+ community

It's about the momentary hesitation before they decide how much of themselves they should reveal to others.

P&G urges 'White America' to take action against racial injustice

The FMCG major talks about the power 'White America' holds, and how they should use it, instead of passive participation in the anti-racism movement.

P&G highlights the biases and prejudices the black community has to suffer

It's an effort by the FMCG major to highlight the everyday injustices the black community suffers.

Old Spice reboots its original 'Smell Like a Man' campaign

The new campaign comes a decade after the release of the original.

The many shapes, sizes & roles of 'Kitanu'

Tracing the journey of ad-land's quintessential germ.

Ritu Mittal

Country Marketing Manager - Healthcare |Procter & Gamble