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Find love the way you want it, says OkCupid…

… in a new campaign that celebrates love in the way an Indian millennial craves...

Johnnie Walker wants to showcase gorgeous glass installations across select bars

It wants you to leave behind empty bottles at these bars that will then go on to become the building blocks of these glass installations.

Facebook's Diwali video is about a small, local business owner in Amritsar

The seven-minute-long film is the story of Pooja Didi, a milk centre owner, who employees those who have lost their jobs due to the COVID pandemic.

Dukaan, dhanda, khareedna... why are there so many commerce-like words in Facebook’s ‘More Together’ ads?

Facebook is a mammoth in terms of online communities, but like Google, it is yet to crack the commerce side of the internet.

Taproot Dentsu’s short film captures the horror that led to the Me Too movement

Made in partnership with iDiva, it shines a light on the abuse women face, and the act of reporting it.

Facebook releases cricket-themed rendition of 'More Together' campaign

The core campaign has been conceptualised and executed by Taproot Dentsu and the ad films will play during the IPL 2020 tournament.

New Facebook ads explore the role of social media during a pandemic

The four new ad films are a continuation of the social media giant’s India-centric 'More Together' campaign.

"The issue became the brief for us": Santosh Padhi, Taproot Dentsu

As FPJ breaks the record for the longest-running print campaign on COVID awareness, Padhi gives us a peek behind this print success story.

Taproot Dentsu launches fresh Commercial Series for MPL

The creative agency bags ‘Har Game Mein Jeeto’ campaign for the brand in a multi-agency pitch.

Free Press Journal reminds people that COVID is alive and kicking

It struck out words, such as 'Corona' and 'pandemic', in its print edition to reinforce the virus' threat, as India comes out of lockdown.