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How Blinkit is building recipes using AI

'Recipe Rover', a ChatGPT and Midjourney-powered engine, will help to suggest recipes and find ingredients.
Guest Article

Generative AI: game changer in the ad industry

It’s going to change our modus operandi faster than we’ve ever thought, says our guest author.

Unbundling the new tech in conversational commerce with Jio’s Haptik

Nameer Khan, director of growth, Haptik, talks to afaqs! about the conversational AI platform’s integration with ChatGPT, and more.

Meta unveils AI model that can detect items within images

The artificial intelligence model can even identify objects in the image that it hasn’t seen before.

Coca-Cola to use ChatGPT and other AI tools to enhance marketing courtesy consultancy Bain's tie-up with OpenAI

The beverage giant is the first company to sign up for this offering.

Bharatmatrimony harnesses the power of AI to build the perfect Valentine

With the use of ChatGPT and Midjourney, the platform has forged an ideal date, identified as Aaditya Iyer (AI).

Google's Bard pummels the company's stock after giving wrong answers in a promo

Alphabet lost more than $100 billion in market value when Bard fumbled misinformation in a promotional video.

Quora launches its AI chatbot 'Poe'

It becomes the third tech company after OpenAI (Microsoft) and Google to venture into the AI powered chatbot market.
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What can Google ‘Bard’ do for ad folk?

Digital advertising experts weigh in on the impact of ‘Bard’ and AI-powered chatbots on the industry.

Google unveils ChatGPT rival AI Bard

The experimental conversation AI service was released to "trusted testers" on February 6 and will be widely available to the public in the coming weeks.